An Australian Employer Sponsored visa can be in high demand

The reason that it can be difficult to achieve, is that employers may be cautious about the level of responsibility or obligation needed by them, in relation to that new employee.

If you have an employer who is interested in sponsoring you, then nbsp;we may be able to help by providing information about job sponsoring in Australia, which can show the employer how the visa works.

It is also important to remember that a sponsored visa will be a temporary 457 visa - so you may still need to apply for a skilled migration visa - meaning a Permanent Resident visa.

On a temporary sponsored 457 visa, you will have limited rights, and restrictions while you are in Australia.

A skilled Permanent Resident visa can give full rights and zero restrictions on your life and work in Australia.

So, just as important as 'what to do' in getting an Australian visa, 'what NOT to do' can be equally important.

One point is that it is important to realize what your options are. Once these have been laid out, and all options either shown as a possible route, OR cancelled as not as possible route, then the next phase of decision-making is needed... i.e. if and when you are ready to move to Australia. Searching around for some kind of 'dream route' to Australia may just heavily delay application time, and delaying is the worst thing to do.

A visa criterion, especially for skilled or Australian work visas, changes often - and it never gets easier to get a visa! So spending a month trying to 'find' a quick or short-cut way to get a visa will only hurt your chances, as a month ticks by without your application getting in.

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